Community Priorities


East Oakland Community Priorities

Sugar Freedom Project (SFP) brings East Oakland residents together to discuss how sugar (and soda consumption) has negatively affected their lives. Through focus group discussions, SFP sought to generate ideas from residents, based on their experience, on the following questions:

  • If you had $6 million, how would you spend it to help lower sugar consumption in your neighborhood?
  • What policies do you believe would successfully restrict access to soda?
  • What initiatives would increase your access to affordable foods?
  • What policies do you believe should be implemented to support community, health, and education?
  • What programs effectively engage and recognize your community?

SFP consolidated resident responses into four priorities for Measure HH considerations and investments.

  1. Health Education. Individuals and families need accessible information on both negative effects of sugar and on healthy, culturally relevant, and affordable alternatives.
  2. Investing in Alternatives. The East Oakland community needs financial investments and entrepreneurial innovation to promote alternatives such as healthy food retail business.
  3. Restricting Access. Oakland must protect low-income communities of color from exploitative beverage corporations by limiting soda advertising an sales particularly near schools and public spaces such as parks and libraries. 
  4. Community Engagement and Empowerment. Investments in strengthening grassroots-led initiatives, such as, door-to-door health education, connecting community assets, and scaling up "homegrown" alternatives, will also facilitate neighborhood cohesion and well-being.