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Healthy Food Fact Sheet: Oakland

This report from Healthy Food America share the basics on how the Soda Tax is applied, revenue use, expected health benefits, tax rates, and campaign spending. It also includes an overview of main messages for and against the tax. Additionally, there is an overview of what worked in Oakland to support the passage of the tax. Read the full report here.

Measure HH

Full text of Measure HH. Additionally, read the City Attorney's Summary of Measure HH and impartial analysis. This ballot overview also includes arguments in favor, rebuttals. Read the full legislation and opinions here.

Sugar Freedom Project's Resource List

A robust list of resources, provided by the Sugar Freedom Project, that includes an overview and helpful links for the following topics:

  • Research studies in Alameda County, California
  • Sugar Facts
  • Sugar & Slavery
  • Bracero Program
  • Anti-Union connections
  • Sugar & Child Labor
  • Sugar Industry Subsidy
  • Corporate Cover-Up
  • Cultural Resources
  • Market & Industry Associations
  • America Beverage Association
  • The Black Man's Lament (or How To Make Sugar) by Amelia Opie 1862

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What's Been Collected

As of October 15, 2017 $2.641 million has been collected by the City of Oakland from the Soda Tax. Money was proposed to go in the General Fund, but community advocacy ensured that the funds would directly support building healthy communities, by benefiting neighborhoods the most impacted.


SSB Advisory Board

Get a better sense of the Community Advisory Board by viewing past agendas, minutes, and learning about upcoming meetings. Public meetings held by the Community Advisory Board are a great opportunity to see, hear, and voice your thoughts on the Soda Tax implementation.

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Next Meeting

Meetings about the use of the "Soda Tax" funds will be discussed at the City Council meeting on the 13th and the SSB Community Advisory Board will meet on the 27th of February. Join us for these important events.

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July 29, 2017 at Roots Community Health Clinic in East Oakland. Testimonies from community residents on the impact of soda in their lives, and their hope for use of the new Soda Tax in Oakland.